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Last Sunday, May 4, the Pampano Awards ceremony for the denomination of the origin of cigarettes took place in Fuenseldanya (Valladolid).

These are awards that distinguish the rosé, the young red and red crianza wines among the DO Cigales wines and to which we must add the award for the best vine grower in the region, which went to Luis Angel Conde Sans, and another to the best restaurateur in Fuensaldanya, this time for the winery-restaurant “La Sorbona”.

The jury for these awards is seventeen winemakers from the Association of Wine Producers of Castile and Leon, coordinated by its president Agueda del Val Ubierna, who after evaluating the 30 finalist wines (selected by the tasters), after a strict tasting, gave his verdict:

Mejor Vino Rosado D.O. Cigales:

"Viña Catajarros 07", de la Bodega Hijos de Crescencia Merino

Mejor Vino Tinto Jóven D.O. Cigales:

"Las Luceras roble 06", de la bodega Remigio de Salas

Mejor Vino Tinto Crianza D.O. Cigales:

"Sinforiano Vaquero crianza 05", de la bodega Sinforiano Vaquero

At the award ceremony, the President of the Association of Wine Producers and Technical Director of the Regulatory Board of DO Cigales, Agueda del Val Ubierna, emphasized the work of winemakers and concluded that in Cigales, so famous for its rosettes, “we can already say that the quality of their reds will reach much farther limits. “

This is certainly because knowing the good work of both wineries and Castilian institutions, Cigales wine will go a long way.

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Through: Provincial Council of Valladolid

More information: DO Cigales

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