Padrón Peppers will be called Herbón Peppers


From the middle of the year Padrón Peppers will be called Herbón Peppers.

Herbón peppers
The main reason why Padron peppers will be called Herbón peppers is to avoid the confusion that exists in the market when the consumer acquires “Padron peppersAnd some come from such diverse areas as Almeria, Murcia, Valencia or Morocco.

Xunta de Galicia hopes to be in the middle of this year when the variety of pepper “, cultivated in this region of central Galicia, has Herbón Pepper Designation of origin. Like Herban This was the parish in which they first began to be processed and from which at times the denomination was taken away.

Really Herbón peppers They are variety of peppers grown in areas of Census,, Good,, Rois,, Pontecesi Y. Worth. Some peppers that have sued for many years and which, it seems, will have this year Herbón Pepper Designation of origin, and thus put an end to the confusion that arose by giving the variety the name Padrón, regardless of the place of cultivation.

You know, from now on, instead of asking “Padron peppers“You will need to do this with new denominationHerbón peppers“.

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Although the saying will really remain the same: “Herbon peppers, some are hot and others are not”.


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