Paco Ronsero has a new project in Madrid


On the occasion of the presentation of the film “Chicken, Fish and King Crab”, chef Paco Ronsero took advantage of his stay in New York and showed a group of American businessmen the most modern and creative Spanish cooking techniques.

Paco Ronsero

Paco Ronsero, considered in Spain the most advanced student of Ferran Adria, presented last Thursday at the Gabarrón Foundation of the Big Apple for this group of American and Spanish businessmen, some very creative and fun pincho, tapas or appetizers, with techniques such as spherification or liquid nitrogen .

Among the dishes that Ronsero presented to his guests were “rediscovered or deconstructed Spanish omelet”, raspberries with wasabi, melon caviar, sea bass, lobster and vagu meat and Iberian ham, which is now being imported from the United States to through the company from La Alberca (Salamanca) Embutidos Fermín.

The Spanish chef, who in addition to running the Casino de Madrid’s restaurant by writing some cookbooks, has done extensive research on olive oil and its textures, which are later paired with gelling agents such as agar-agar or methylcellulose. emulsifiers and gases, such as carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen.

The result of this almost sci-fi pairing are dishes like crab with quinoa and butter honey, orange sorbet with olive oil and Pedro Simenes or butter lollipop with chocolate.

For Ronsero, the city of skyscrapers, this is a city where it is convenient to come from time to time to soak up energy and see new things, not only in the field of cuisine, but also in the design and new concepts for restaurants. And he assures that tapas bar right there will have guaranteed success, as tapas are a different and very quick way to eat well.

However, Ronsero and his team will not be responsible for opening premises in the United States, at least for now, as they will focus on opening a traditional tapas bar, but renovated and updated on the golden mile of Madrid, specifically in Plaza de Neptuno.

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