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Valladolid chef Paco Martinez will be in charge of cooking for the Spanish Olympic delegation at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This chef, along with an entire team, has fed the Spanish Olympic delegation for twelve years since setting up the “House of Spain” at the Atlanta 96 Olympics, along with then-Secretary of State of the Supreme Council of Sports Rafael Cortes Elvira and journalist Ramon Criado.

The challenge that was set in these games is to promote and contribute with their dishes for Madrid to receive the matches for 2016, a challenge more than difficult, although as in the saying “a man is obsessed with the stomach”, there is no to be very complicated, because the “House of Spain” in the next games, where Martinez will cook for all the assistants who support the athletes of our country, will be in front of the IOC offices, so he imagines that the IOC members will be there on a daily basis.

Paco Martinez is the director of one of the best restaurants in Valladolid, The Creole, which will also provide four more chefs who, along with eighteen people the chef himself hired last week in Beijing, look forward to next August 6, the opening day of the Beijing Games, to have everything ready both in the kitchen and in the living room.

More than four hundred people will taste Spanish dishes every day, although there will be some drawbacks this year, as Paco predicts many problems with fish and Iberian ham, as “serano” is available in China.

The food they serve will start in Spain from pre-cooked food and will be in Beijing, where they will finish cooking, as almost everything will be passed through the blender and everything will be transported pasteurized.

Then salted cod, legumes, meat such as lamb’s milk, blood sausage, beans from La Granja and other products from other regions, such as Galicia and La Rioja, along with the best wines and spirits, will complete the shopping basket that Paco Martinez and his team leave for China.

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All of these delicacies can be enjoyed by those who wear a suit, for those in tracksuits, or try it on, as Martinez jokingly made it clear that although the contestants who compete will not enjoy their meals, When they have a holiday in the Olympic Village, the most important thing is to go see Paco, they will get something.

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