Oriol Balager and Nosila’s Recipes for Happiness


Since I was a child, I think that Nocilla is present in my kitchen …

Oriol Balager and Nosila's Recipes for Happiness

If I think of any ingredient from my childhood, Nocilla certainly comes to mind along with Little Switzerland (authentic, those supplied with vegetable paper inside so that they can be conveniently removed from the container) and sponge cake stuffed with cream with a layer of strawberry jam covered with a cocoa coating of the name Bonnie.

Today is Nocilla the only one of these three products that has not changed its composition or taste.

As well as being a favorite breakfast of children, young people and adults, for decades Nocilla has been one of the main ingredients in many homemade recipes, such as topping or filling for biscuits, muffins.

Oriol Balager and Nosila's Recipes for Happiness

Something more professional is what Oriol Balaguer did in the new recipe book. “Recipes for happiness on NocillaSome preparations that can make us look like authentic pastry chefs.

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Ravioli, briox, bikini, lollipops, poppies, chocolates and so on up to 30 original recipes prepared by a master confectioner Oriol Balager in which Nocilla turns into irresistible sweet bites.

Oriol Balager and Nosila's Recipes for Happiness

If you want to get this book with 30 recipes from Oriol Balager You can do it in the SWEET MARKET section of the website nocilla.es and for 6 euros (including delivery costs) they take him home.


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