Open innovation and haute cuisine. Learn to innovate with Mugaritz

Open innovation and haute cuisine. Learn to innovate with MugaritzIs the new book where chef Andoni Luis Aduris and Jose Luis Larea, President of Ibermática, one of the main information technology services companies in the Spanish market, discover what influences innovation in haute cuisine and vice versa.

A book that deals with haute cuisine from the point of view of innovation and business itself, not culinary, to be fair. A book by an outstanding chef who talks about concepts such as progress, evolution and innovation in their daily application in his professional life.

Taking as a starting point a place where this union is inseparable: the Mugaritz restaurant, Andoni Luis Aduris and Jose Luis Larea they have a relaxed conversation about how daily activities such as cooking can be a good example of an innovative system. An activity in which truly innovative concepts, principles, laws and models can be identified, as the sincere, haute cuisine must have many innovations in everyday life in order to be a modern, promising business model with recognition unthinkable in recent dates.

Without pretending to build big theories, reading “Open innovation and haute cuisine. Learn to innovate with MugaritzIt makes us see how the management and administration of an elite restaurant can be transposed into the business world. The last moment without which a gourmet restaurant cannot be forgotten.

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And of course also from hard work from day to day, as Aduris says: “this innovation has a lot of selection and shoveling, because inspiration is accompanied by sweating. Many hours of effort after each flash of genius to contribute a gram of creativity, to the transition from the normal to the sublime.

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Open innovation and haute cuisine: Learn to innovate with Mugaritz

If we say that all aspects in which our lives are designed are expressions of an innovation system, more than one would say that this is an exaggeration. However, everything we do, what we live, is projected into space and time and evolves. We are prominent actors in the film of change, of evolution, in short, of innovation. At this stage, we can take on the role of protagonists or stay so calm without doing anything. This would be a huge mistake, because, as abstract as it may seem, the subject is still something very close that affects us on a daily basis. In this context, it seems extremely important to identify activities that naturally occur as part of our daily work and at the same time we all perceive as innovative. This is the case with the kitchen in general and in particular with the haute cuisine, which is presented to us as a good example of an innovation system in which we can identify concepts, principles, laws and models for innovation. But analyzed as an innovation system, not all gourmet restaurants will provide us with the same, nor will they make us ask the same questions, or allow us to learn the same lessons. Nor will they have the same potential for innovation. Because differences exist for better or for worse, they are not the same. Mugaritz and Andoni Luis Aduris appear here. The relationship between Jose Luis Larea and Andoni Luis Aduris has led to a space of shared knowledge about something that threatens to become a mania for both: innovation. Well, this space of shared mania gives rise to this dialogue that we gather in the book and in which what the innovative management of the company brings is suggested.

Written by: Jose Luis Larea (author), Luis Andoni Aduris (author)

Published by: Pyramid

ISBN number: 978-8436825824

Available in:E-bookHard cover

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