Oloroso Wine “Misterio”, by Bodegas Privilegio del Condado

Bodegas Privilegio del Condado has revealed its best-kept secret: Very Old Oloroso Mystery, a dry fragrance made from grape zalem, the local variety Condado de Huelva.

After spending more than 70 years, aging and maturing, in the silent darkness of the old walls of an old winery in Bolulos (Huelva), County Privileged Wineries reveals his best secret: A very old mystery of Oloroso.

Faced with an oenological gemstone with such unique characteristics, Bodegas Privilegio del Condado has chosen to distinguish it from other products in terms of its commercialization.

Only 500 year old bottles of A very old fragrant mystery which will be sold exclusively online on the winery’s website, at a price of 60 euros for the box, consisting of 1 bottle of 50 cl and a gift glass stopper.

This limited edition stands out among the other wines from the winery, which produces 40% of the wine sold under DO Huelva County, which means that the winery will continue to position itself as a benchmark for excellence and good performance.

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Without a doubt, a great Christmas gift for lovers of good gourmet products.

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