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Olive thorium and chocolate with croaker and its skin

Tasty, original, modern. This is the dish with which Xanty Elías, from Acánthum from Huelva, won 8,000 euros and the highest award of the XII International Prize for cooking with extra virgin olive oil Jaén Paraíso Exterior in Madrid Fusión. It is recipe.

Chef: Xanty Elias


  • 1 g glycerin
  • 50 g EVOO Castillo de Canena Royal
  • Olive torria
  • 200 g. Strong flour
  • 25 g. Liquid caramel
  • Royal Castillo de Canena Royal Early Olive Oil
  • 3 liters of water
  • 220 g Italian green pepper
  • 150 g Green onions
  • 800 g. Fresh cuttlefish without skin, liver and excess
  • Shoko broth
  • 50 g. Sea water
  • 75 g of cold water with ice
  • 50 g of dried olives
  • 250 g. Extra virgin olive oil Castillo de Canena Royal Early
  • Sol
  • Emulsion of olive oil and sea water
  • Royal Castillo de Canena Royal Early Olive Oil
  • Grease paper
  • Corvina skin
  • Croaker croaker
  • 25 g. Yeast
  • 10 g of fresh yeast
  • 8 g of fine salt
  • Thyme leaves
  • 20 g of CO2 in a pill


Shoko broth

  1. Attach the diced vegetables with the butter until they turn brown, add the cuttlefish soaked in the liver, stew and add the top.
  2. On high heat add cold water, bring to a boil and keep for at least 1 hour.
  3. Filter and reduce to 500 ml.
  4. Add the caramel and season with salt.

Olive torria

  1. Mix the flour, thyme and salt, make a volcano and add the water, oil, yeast diluted in the same water and sourdough.
  2. We will knead until it flies out of the walls of the bowl or mixer
  3. We will let it rest for about 30 minutes at about 40 degrees.
  4. The dough, which will have risen, we will knead it again more carefully and we will form a bar
  5. We will ferment for 1 hour at 35 degrees. And bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes depending on the size of the piece.
  6. We will let it cool
  7. We will cut it into cubes without crust and fry it in plenty of olive oil, leaving it to cool again.
  8. Once cool, we will moisten the thorium with the hot chocolate broth until it absorbs its weight for 3.

Croaker croaker

  1. We will put garlic in a leaf on the oil to fry slowly, together with hot red pepper (remove when golden)
  2. Put the cocoa on top and remove from the heat, leave without stirring until cool
  3. Return to low heat as you move in circles and make a saw-saw
  4. Add a few drops of boiled chocolate ink to give it a black color.
  5. Pil pil will be assembled when there is a texture of mayonnaise.
  6. Remove the coconut with a piece of file on paper, in a frozen pan and refrigerate.
  7. Wrap the almost frozen chicken in the thin strips of the Iberian pocket and save.

Corvina skin

  1. Between the two papers, place only the skin without fish, without flakes, a little salt and a little oil
  2. Enter the vacuum and cook at 80 degrees for 12 minutes
  3. We will cut to a size of 10 × 4 cm.

Emulsion of olive oil and sea water

  1. Heat the oil until the glycerin is diluted
  2. Allow to cool for two hours
  3. Place the rods and water and CO2 tablets in the assembly (the texture should be mayonnaise).


  1. Place the candied sea bass skin at the base of the hob
  2. We will place the hot torii on one side
  3. We will put the coconuts warm and liquid on top with fresh green asparagus sprouts.
  4. We will end with a small tear from the Castillo de Canena Royal Temprano oil emulsion
  5. Serve warm and eat everything in one bite

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