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Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper, our big little packer.

When it comes to keeping fresh food at home, we may have one or more problems. How long can they be kept fresh? Will they smell in the fridge? Do I have to freeze everything?

There are vacuum packers, ranging from semi-professional to professional, that we throw out of our kitchens, not because of how expensive they are (as they are), but rather because of their size.

I present the perfect vacuum packer: Frisper Freshkeeper.

Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper is the perfect packer

It is ideal for storage in any drawer in our kitchen, as it takes up very little space (fits in the palm of your hand) and costs about 50 euros in web Amazon.com.

It is very easy to use, you just need to put the food you want to keep in a special plastic bag and turn on the device in question.

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After placing the bag and closing it on itself, Frisper will open a small hole (which will be closed later by the effect of heat), through which it will extract all the air from inside the bag.

The bags, the so-called Vac-SnapsThey are also special because they have a type of zipper closure, which in addition to facilitating the easy closing process, facilitates their subsequent opening, as we will not have to use scissors or a knife, as often happens when we want to open a product. which is available in vacuum packaging. In addition, since the airtight closure is not performed on the edges of the bags, they can be reused as long as we do not keep meat in them.
More information: oliso.com

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