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We are in autumn: a melancholy, sad, wet and calm season. Its ocher colors invade everything and our spirit and spirit become lethargic, but for us, passionate about gastronomy as we are, it provides the perfect excuse to enter the kitchen and prepare countless delicious dishes with rich products, this time on the anus.

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Grapes, quinces, pumpkins, mushrooms and mushrooms, game, nuts, vegetables, fruits and the collection of olives with which Extra virgin olive oil Olirium.

In Fontanelli (Empordà), olive trees grow on calcareous soils, with shale, granite and clay. Hard ground swept away by the Tramuntana wind, which makes it so extra virgin olive oil, to be distinctive and characteristic, both because of its taste and because of its quality, giving it a pronounced character.

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Developing of Olive oil It begins with a careful selection of the trees they plant, constantly monitoring their growth and pampering each of the hundred-year-old trees they have.

Harvesting takes place in November and December, giving priority to the quality of the product over its characteristics, which provides extra virgin olive oil with a more intense and fruity taste.

The collection is always made first in the morning and pressed cold in the afternoon.

Arbequina and Argudell are the two olive varieties they grow. The latter was born on Empordà, a restored and hundred-year-old olive that has a delicate balance between sweet and bitter flavors.

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It is also characterized by the fact that it is an undemanding variety with terrain and very resistant to drought. He is energetic, highly developed and prone to verticality. Its leaves, elliptical-lanceolate, are shiny dark green in front and silvery gray in the back. The color of its fruit is reddish and turns purple when it begins to ripen, and black after it is fully ripe. The cellulose is attached to the stone, it is white in color, ripening when ripe.

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With these two varieties, they produce four types of oil within Designation of origin Empordà: 100% Arbequina, 100% Argudell, Argequina / Argudell Coupage and ‘Oli del Raig’, freshly squeezed oil, without filtration or overflow, authentic fruit juice. This olive oil is available on the market only in December and January.

All these extra virgin olive oils are characterized by fruity, intense, spicy and bitter notes, while standing out as very balanced.

Blessed is the Mediterranean diet and the courage that autumn is long and the desire to cook a lot.

Olirium – extra virgin olive oil

We are small producers of olives in love with our land, Empordà, and extra virgin olive oil. We are located in Fontaniles at the foot of Mongri and this situation makes our lands calcareous, with shale, granite and clay. Hard land, where the Tramuntana wind blows and which has a perfect and mild Mediterranean climate, the ideal combination for obtaining a distinctive and characteristic extra virgin olive oil, both for its taste and quality. They explain and configure the marked nature of our variety of oils within the Empordà Designation of Origin.


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