Oenological conference on wines from Navarre

The Association of Oenology and Viticulture Technicians in Navarre, Tequina, presents the conference “Navarre: the Oenologist and His Wines”.

The negotiations, which will take place in the Baluarte de Pamplona conference center and auditorium from 18 December to 9 June, will be conducted by the relevant representatives of the wine sector as journalists and experts. Substitute image of Juancho Asenjo,, Victor de La Serna,, Jose Penin,, Andres Proensa,, Substitute image of Pepe Iglesias and Pete Rock.

The aim of these conferences is to create a space for conversations about Navarra wine through the experience of their own heroes and with the contribution of great experts in the sector. The first talk will take place on December 18 and will be delivered by the journalist of Elmundovino.° Cohm,, Substitute image of Juancho Asenjo who will talk about the future of Navarre wine. A month later, on January 15, the journalist and the vine grower, Victor de la Serna this will put our wine in the globalization of markets.

The third of the presentations, on 19 February, will be proposed by the Director of the Peñín Guide, José Peñín, focusing on the figure of the winemaker. The director of Proensa Guide,, Andres Proensa will comment on April 2 on the presentation of Navarre wine in the specialized management of the sector. The last two days will be dedicated to pairing.

May 19, Substitute image of Pepe Iglesias, director of Encyclopedia of gastronomyHe will dedicate his talk to white and rosé wines. The last of the talks, the one on June 9, will be offered by one of the brothers of the restaurant. Maybe Roca,, Pete Rockwho will talk about red wines and pastries. The last two conversations will take place at the El Corte Inglés restaurant in Pamplona with wines from Selection of the tasting panel in Navarre.

To attend the talks with the right to wine tasting, highlighted by the participating oenologists, a card of 20 euros has been put on sale to enter all lectures or tickets for 10 euros, to enter and try the conversations about the wines we are interested in. . Then there is a cheaper 6 euros, which gives you only the right to “listen”.

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If you want more information about this event, you can find it on the enologosdenavarra.com website.

Program of the oenologist from Navarre and his wine conference

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