Nougat flank


Nougat flank

Nougat flank

Four five’

4 servings


It can be called flan or nougat pudding. Initially, we had the opportunity to spend the nougat we had left over for Christmas, after which we realized that nougat or nougat ice cream is sold all year round and can even replace ground almonds and honey so that it tastes just as delicious.

This dessert came to my mind because of the amount of nougat left over at Christmas. The truth is that this is a discovery because the taste is impressive and will annoy us in a bad way. I finally found a solution to this nougat that later I don’t want to take it so much, a simple recipe from those who do not allow excuses and this tells us that we have to do tests because the results are available. This recipe is suitable for celiac disease, as long as they do not reject dairy products.

And since I know you really like homemade flan recipes, I’ll leave you with some of the ones I posted in Family Kitchen as an alternative to nougat flan. To see them, you just need to click on the title in blue.

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Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

We will use purchased caramel to caramelize the form. We put a reasonable amount in the matrix and then move it to distribute it all over the bottom and part of the country.

    Step 1 of Nougat Flan

Then beat the eggs in a bowl and then mix them with the sugar.

    Step 2 of Nougat Flan

Then cut the nougat into very small pieces and add it to the mixture along with the cream. Then mix everything with a mixer to get a fine cream.

    Step 3 of Nougat Flan

When the mixture is ready, pour it completely into the mold. We turn on the oven at 180 degrees with heating up and down WITHOUT a fan.

    Step 4 of Nougat Flan

When it is hot, put the nougat flange for 40 minutes.

    Step 5 of flan nougat

After this time, take the flange out of the oven and prick it with a needle to see if it is ready. If it comes out clean, we can now let it cool down. When it is completely cold, we will put it in the refrigerator for a few hours so that it finishes acquiring the necessary consistency.

    Step 6 of nougat Flan

After these hours are over, we can eat and enjoy this delicious bottle of Gijon necessities. A Christmas recipe that you will love. For now, the recipe for today’s friends will be seen in the next recipe, which I will publish here, elsewhere, in Family Kitchen.

    Step 7 of Nougat Flan



I will see you on another recipe.
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