Nespresso will take action against copies of its capsules


The Swiss multinational company Nestlé does not like to see Nespresso-compatible “pirate” coffee capsules on the market.

L'Or Express Capsule Coffee

Tired of seeing coffee capsules from other compatible Nespresso brands on the market, Nestle launched a legal offensive against the American food giant Sarah Lee which was recently launched on the French market as a test, espresso coffee capsules on the market under the L’Or Expreso brand.

While L’Or Expresso coffee capsules they are not quite the same as those produced by Nestlé, if they are compatible with the Nespresso system, indeed, at the presentation of this new product by Sara Lee last April in France, they stressed that the new L’Or Expresso capsule is “compatible” with the system developed by Nespresso.

A business that in recent years has become the fastest growing division of the Nestlé Group, according to the consulting company AC Nielsen, it could grow by 30% over the next eight years.

Even if The Express This is not the only company that wants to establish itself in the profitable and delicious world of espresso capsules. Some time ago we talked to you about Ne-cap, a system that offers us empty capsules to fill with coffee or infusions that are also compatible with Nespresso.

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We don’t know what the search he did will be like Nestle of Sarah Lee, but I’m sure that until it’s resolved, its managers will have an infinity of espressos and even occasional infusions, or rather Special-T.


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