Nespresso will recycle coffee capsules

Earlier this December, we announced that Nestlé Nespresso had launched the Nespresso Ecoworking Caps recycling program in Spain.

Today we show you in an explanatory video how this Nestlé Nespresso recycling plan, called “Eco Collaboration”, will be developed.

A program that aims to “reuse” Nespresso coffee capsules in a composting plant built in Catalonia for this purpose.

To be part of this plan, the Nespresso user can take the used coffee capsules to one of the 100 collection points that are distributed throughout the country.

These collection points will be located in Nespresso stores, which currently exist in Spain, in addition to the centers Media Mark and Weighted, which sells coffee machines that use this type of capsules. Although next year Nestlé Nespresso expects the number of collection points to be close to 300.

Although this Nespresso capsule recycling plan wants to go further, as the Swiss company expects to recycle in 2013 75% of the total number of capsules sold worldwide.

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The system is simple. Once we have used Nespresso coffee capsules We can take the capsules to any of the 100 collection points that the company will deploy throughout national geography.

So you know, don’t throw it away Nespresso coffee capsules, Recycle them!

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