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After being presented in Paris, Amsterdam and other European cities, the new range of Nesspreso coffee machines, CitiZ, visited Madrid.

It was not until the beginning of March that Nespresso launched its new range of CitiZ machines on the Spanish market, whose design was inspired by the streets of various cities around the world and in the development of which the members of the Nesspreso club participated with their proposals.

But last week in Madrid, an event was held to present the new coffee machines in Spain.

Nespresso CitiZ (2)

The new Nespresso range includes three models: Nespresso CitiZ (single head espresso machine), Nespresso CitiZ & Milk (single head espresso machine with built – in attachment for making milk foam) and Nespresso CitiZ & Co (The first two-head consumer machine for home use).

Nespresso CitiZ (3)

The three machines are designed in two styles, retro and high-tech, and have a price that varies between 180 and 340 euros.

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Evidence of Nespresso’s commitment to bringing new ideas to the coffee and coffee market is obvious, as it has reached 29% of the market share of espresso machines in addition to the fact that it has registered 1,700 patents and shows no stop sign.

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