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South Korea is blocking entry, and Japan is holding large consignments of Italian mozzarella at its borders due to an alarm that erupted last week when the high levels of dioxins it had were detected during routine controls.

This problem is due to the fact that the dumps of Naples, the main producer of mozzarella, collapsed due to the garbage strike and because of which many people began to burn garbage on streets and open spaces, so that the smoke contained in some cases is carcinogenic. dioxin.

The presence of dioxin is not due to the garbage itself, but to the fact that the dioxin-containing substances have been burned and the toxic rain from this smoke has fallen to the ground, where farm buffaloes graze peacefully. They eat the infected grass, the dioxin goes into the milk, which in turn is used to make mozzarella, and finally goes to the consumer.

That is why, after the blockade of South Korea and Japan until the entry of mozzarella into their territories, the European Commission announced earlier this week that it would block imports of Italian mozzarella if the country’s authorities did not provide information. Enough for the high levels of pollution that mozzarella presents before six in the afternoon today.

The truth is that although Italy acknowledges that dioxin levels are “high but not excessive”, they have also transferred to Brussels that the products concerned come from 23 farms located in the Campania region and there are no more cases in the rest of the country. . In fact, the batches of contaminated product were not exported to the European Union or to third countries.

Although, if they haven’t left the country, how have South Korea and Japan kept tons of this typical cheese?

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This is not the first time something like this has happened, in fact periodic analyzes have been carried out since 2001, after this year it was established that mozzarella can be dangerous to human health if it is contaminated with dioxins.

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