Navarre wines have a new image

Together with the 75th anniversary of its establishment, the Regulatory Board of the denomination of Navarre origin presents its new image. New logo that will distinguish DONavarra wines.

This change begins with the aim of capturing in one symbol the innovative, dynamic and differentiated nature of DO Navarra wines.

The new logo aims to convey the sensations evoked by the Navarra wine variety, but without neglecting the constant evolution in search of excellence.

The new brand simulates the flow of wine, forming an invisible glass and in turn “N” of Navarre through a unique pictorial line with great graphic possibilities. In this way, the wine and the origin are united in an impressive, emotional symbol, which will be the business card of Denomination of origin Navarre inside and outside Spain.

This change is not sudden, as it is part of the new marketing plan for DO Navarra wines, based on internationalization, the approach to the consumer between 25 and 45 years, the improvement of the climatic variety and the richness of the wines. of quality demand.

It is in this last section, quality, that more “news” is gathered in the new regulation, which was recently approved and published, which includes the requirements that Navarre wines with a denomination of origin must meet.

Among the many innovations, it is worth noting the introduction of new grape varieties in the denomination of origin (Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc); the change in aging time with the emergence of a new category: “red oakWhich will identify those wines that have spent at least 90 days in the barrel before being placed on the market. Finally, control through tasting plays a special role in the qualification and selection of wines.

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In short, with all these innovations, the denomination of Navarra origin aims to promote its cellars to leadership based on product quality, integrating consumer tastes in an international and highly changing market.

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