Navarre a la carte: landscape and gastronomy

The Government of Navarre has published the book Navarre a la Carte, a book in which the landscape and gastronomy of the Raynaud de Navarre go hand in hand.

On more than 300 pages, the Navarrese photographer Patxi Úriz Domezáinspecializing in travel and gastronomy, describes in detail a series of images of the Foral Community related to typical agri-food products for each area of ​​it, accompanied by various recipes, both traditional and innovative, provided by restaurants such as Rodero, Basa Kabi or Urdax.

The texts of the book were written by the writer Pedro Luis Lozano.

The work is structured in five main titles, which include as many subsections. Appetizers, first courses, second courses, desserts and finally wines and spirits.

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The book also served as an inspiration for the realization of a traveling exhibition of the same title, which can be visited in Baluarte until the next July 3.


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