My healthy bowl, a collection of 90 great healthy recipes


My Healthy Bowl is a collection of 90 great recipes, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepared with different types of cereals, seeds, rice and superfoods, as well as fruits, meat, roasted vegetables and some other whims for those with a sweet tooth.

From the beginning of humanity, all kinds of cereals have been consumed, which could explain why so many people experience a familiar feeling and feel comfortable when they first try cooked cereals.

Bowling has become fashionable, probably because this type of container is very practical in the whirlpool of city life.

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This way of serving food, on the one hand, allows you to control food intake, as the portion size is always the same, on the other hand, a bowl of cooked cereal, the famous “English porridge”, is comforting and practical. But it also offers many opportunities.

Based on this basis, Nick Williamson, one of the largest cereals experts and founder of Coffee with porridge, In My Healthy Bowl we offer a series of delicious, nutritious, simple and cardiovascular recipes, all made with different types of cereals.

In recent years, porridge has become fashionable, partly because scientists confirm that it is the basis of a healthy and balanced diet, but also because chefs prepare it with a growing variety of cereals and additional ingredients, which makes it more popular.

My healthy Nick Williamson Cup

My Healthy Bowl consists of 90 sweet and fragrant recipes using a variety of 15 super grains and seeds.

Edible and easy to prepare cereal bowls can be created with quinoa, oats, rye, chia, spelled, buckwheat, barley, amaranth, rice, millet and include unique and delicious garnishes. Far from the old-fashioned stereotypes, the recipes in this book will surprise and delight with ingredients such as stewed meats, roasted vegetables, fresh fruits and sweet touches.

This book is ideal for all types of people who are interested in healthy food, as well as for adventure lovers and meat lovers.

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My Healthy Bowl contains nutritional and comforting recipes that are suitable even for gluten-free or vegan diets.

From “sweet and healthy cereals” to “sweet and condescending cereals”, more dessert-oriented, going through “Meat Cereals” and “Vegetable Cereals”, everyone will be able to find a dish to their liking as ” Oatmeal “and millet with mango, figs and lime”, “Four-grain cream with cherries, apricots and pistachios”, “Barley with beef stew stewed”, “Buckwheat with crispy bacon, avocado and roasted tomatoes”, “Millet with curly cabbage, mushrooms and pecorino “,” Faro with beets, feta, grated eggs and capers “,” Quinoa, oatmeal and buckwheat with Oreo cookies, frozen fruit and salted caramel “or” Oatmeal and kamut with strawberry puree, blackcurrant meringue and sesame “, among many other preparations. [/alert]

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My Healthy Bowl starts with a useful illustrated guide to cooking any cereal and provides basic information about times, portion sizes, liquid and cereal proportions, and cooking methods.

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Eighty live photos contain several of Williamson’s inspired recipes, served in beautiful eclectic bowls with bright, colorful backgrounds.

These images emphasize the variety of delicious and satisfying creations and reflect the true scope of the book.

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My healthy bowl

Delicious look at the latest superfoods, with new recipes for cereals, seeds and rice, ideal for a healthy daily diet. Cereals, porridges and oats contain a large number of nutritional properties. Restaurants around the world add them to their menus, not just for breakfast. These 90 recipes are selected to surprise and inspire equally. The book contains a wonderful guide to cereals and seeds, which describes in detail each of their properties. The grains and seeds used in these recipes are: quinoa, oats, rye, chia, spelled, buckwheat, barley, amaranth, black rice and millet. The 90 easy-to-prepare recipes are for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in addition to using these super foods, they use fruits, meat cooked over low heat, grilled vegetables and the occasional jam.

Written by: Nick Williamson

Published by: Faydon

ISBN: 978-0714873589


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