My first cookbook by Annabel Carmel

My first cookbook is a specific publication that will teach children under the age of six all that cooking has to offer them at this young age. Its author, Annabel Carmel, emphasizes that she has chosen recipes that are fun, “as colorful as they are delicious” and, in addition, easy to prepare for young chefs aged three and over.

This is a recommended book for children up to the age of six. A publication that includes healthy and delicious recipes, from sauces and main dishes to pastries and rich desserts, in order for the little ones to want to eat the dishes they have prepared with so much work and to feel proud to see how others enjoy it … his kitchen and his good work.

The book includes the subtitle “Have fun in the kitchen“, Step-by-step instructions for preparing meals, from some potato” mice “to guacamole frog or fruit cream, without neglecting the steps for making delicious” 3 in 1 “biscuit dough or some” farmer “muffins, pizzas with persons, etc.

We all know what the kids enjoy in the kitchen, they put on a custom apron, break eggs, help them roll, put their hands in the dough, etc., and what that brings to our relationship with them.

Other benefits of cooking in the hands of the youngest in the house include the unconscious development of skills they must practice in preparing meals, counting ingredients, measuring quantities, weighing and controlling the time of each recipe.

In short, what the author of “My first cookbookTo involve children directly in the kitchen to motivate them to be demanding of their future diet.

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A good way to motivate the little ones is for them to be with us in the kitchen, to observe and “practice”, as they are a little aware of the work they do, always in a fun but not obligatory way.

If you have children and have not cooked with them, you do not know what you are missing. Although then you have to clean more than necessary.

My first cookbook

Editorial Pearson Alhambra
48 páginas.
ISBN: 8420552623
Precio de venta en FNAC: 12.26 €

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