Monzia rice grown with leftover Nespresso coffee capsules

The Nespresso-launched coffee capsule recycling system called “ECOlaboration” seems to be doing very well. And if not, tell it to the Moncia Rice Chamber.

Thanks to an agreement between Nespresso, through Ecolaboration, the Montcia Rice Chamber and the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia (FCAC), in December last year the Federation of Food Banks made a donation in the form of 50 tonnes of rice grown as fertilizer. compost obtained from coffee residues from the capsules to which customers Nespresso they recycle after consumption.

This was made possible by the fact that these users were responsible for taking the empty Nespresso coffee capsules to one of the more than 600 collection points that Nespresso is throughout Spain and was subsequently transferred to a composting plant, where waste experts from the company Tradebe were responsible for the separation of aluminum from coffee grounds. The aluminum is then melted in a specific treatment plant while the coffee grounds are composted and used in this project.

arroz montsia nespresso

According to the agreement signed by all parties, this consists of sowing and fertilizing, with coffee residues from recycled Nespresso capsules, a total of thirteen hectares of rice fields belonging to the partners of Rice chamber, in the municipalities of Amposta and Sant Carles de la Rapita (Tarragona).

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A total of 50 tons of these plantations rice “Montsià” Extra category, which were donated to the Federation of Food Banks, days before the celebration of Christmas, among the most needy families.

In Spain, we still have a long way to go to realize the importance of recycling, because for every person who recycles, there are many more who do not. That’s why initiatives like this that you can see what is being done by recycling “simple” coffee capsules should give us more than enough reasons to do everything about environmental issues.

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