Millésime Sâo Paulo Hall 2011

There are five days left until the start of the Millésime Madrid 2010, one of the most exceptional gastronomic events on the national stage, we already know the dates of the first Millésime Sâo Paulo 2011.

The first edition of the Millésime Hall in Sao Paulo (Brazil), was to take place last September in Terrace Daslu, from the city of Sao Paulo. What is happening, according to the organization, is that due to various logistical problems it was not possible to celebrate on the chosen days.

And since it was not possible to determine a better date, as the place was not available, except for the proximity to the Millésime Hall in Madrid and that in January and February they are holidays, and the carnivals in Brazil will be on 22, 23 and March 24, 2011, when the first edition of Millésime Sâo Paulo Room.

The Millésime Sâo Paulo Hall 2011 will host the best chefs from Brazil and neighboring countries, as well as a large group of Spanish chefs who invite you to this first edition, with the intention of creating a unique and incomparable gastronomic event in the country of Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, as in Millésime Madrid, the facilities of Millésime Sâo Paulo Hall 2011 They will be turned into a small big gourmet city thanks to the streets with ham, wine and water, champagne, beer, coffee and much more, which will allow visitors to know and taste all the news from different sectors.

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Milesime Sao Paulo will also host a variety Show cooking, exclusive spaces like Ricón del Gin Tonic; Sommelier’s angle; Corner of delights (caviar, salmon, duck and foie gras, canned food, exotic fruits, etc .; In addition to the corner of cheese and butter, chocolates and many other delicacies.

Although we do not yet know the official program, we are sure that the first edition of Salón Millésime Sâo Paulo 2011 This will be a great success that will leave good taste in the mouths of both organizers and visitors.

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