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Santi Santamaria did not leave anyone indifferent during his participation in “Meetings with El Dorado”held yesterday at the Juan Bravo Theater in Segovia.

"Meetings with El Dorado" Santi Santamaria in Segovia

Meetings with El Dorado“, They intend to be a biennial gastronomic event in which different personalities can study and debate about culture, gastronomy and quality products, and how could it be otherwise, in this first edition the motto is “Denominated products. Culture, gastronomy and quality“.

Although only Santi Santamaria said that the staff who were in Juan Bravo Theater from Segovia, they began to move from their places.

chef of the year“I made a passionate defense of traditional cuisine, local, natural, organic products and, if possible fresh, and in this sense Santi Santamaria, assured that the baby from Segovia”fits perfectly into the concept of the kitchen, which he defended in the thirties in which he was in the kitchen“. According to the chef, the trilogy of the Mediterranean diet should add products derived from pork “because without them we could not understand the kitchens of Spain“.

The Catalan chef then began to talk about the controversy caused by his book The Naked Kitchen and some of his Spanish colleagues. He challenged restaurants to list the additives and chemicals they use in their meals to protect the integrity of the kitchen and its professionals.

He also regrets the fact that he was excluded from the next edition of Madrid Fusión 2009 as active and passive (he admitted that he had asked the director of Madrid Fusión, Jose Carlos Capel, to allow him to intervene), although he saw that ” armed “this year, no wonder they don’t want to have it in the next edition and more with it. “I don’t think it’s good that my arguments aren’t refuted, that they tell me what they think, because with my absence the opportunity to know where the world cuisine is going is lost!“And if necessary”clear up misunderstandings“.

Well, specify.

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