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For the third consecutive year, from 1 to 18 March 2018, the most carnivorous days will be held in Valladolid and its province on the occasion of the celebration of “Meat Attack,, III Carnivorous Conference which La Finca de Jiménez Barbero has organized in collaboration with about thirty hotel establishments.

With this third edition of Meat Attack, La Finca de Jiménez Barbero once again shows the public of Valladolid the superiority of its meat from animals raised in the unique environment and conditions of this Madrid-based livestock farm, a pioneer in the world from which it is obtained. “The flesh of happiness“.

As in previous editions, the establishments participating in the Third Meat Attack Conference will try to surprise dinner with dishes prepared with unusual pieces of meat, such as the famous T-bone that Finca sells from a grazing cow or products already made as Pastrami, known in other countries and which in recent months have become fashionable in local acquaintances in our country; Picanya carpaccio, fillet, steak tartare, mini kebabs, cheeks, bone marrow, entrana, tail, burgers, osobuko, toma-hawk, vilagodio de dehesa …


This is just a brush of the many cuts and meats that the 28 participating restaurants will offer during the days that last these days. Some restaurants are spread throughout the capital and the province of Valladolid, whose names are as follows: Bodega La Delicia, Brook Steak Burger Padilla, Brook Steak Burger (Arroyo de la Encomienda), Casa del Arte (Simancas), Casino Roxy, Corinto, 55000 Recipes( Pedrajas de San Esteban), El Alboroque, El Foro de Rueda (Rueda), El Mortero (Medina del Campo), El Trébol, Exkabetxina, Fuego Bendito, Gastrobar Sabores, Gastrolava, Jimeno Factoría (Olmedo), La Cacatúa, La cantina, La Cotorra, La Martina (Montemayor de Pililla), La Malquerida, La Pícara, La Teta y La Luna, Las 3 acorns, Monaco restaurant, Rioluz gastronomy, Chico Lounge and The Bowie.

Jimenez Barbero's farm

Jiménez Barbero Manor

At La Finca, the entire production process is taken care of with special care, from the birth of the animal to the reaching of the meat to the consumer’s plate. These reasons and the climate in the area mean that this product also offers unique organoleptic properties.

The know-how and common sense of its promoters are becoming strict quality control. At La Finca, time and effort don’t matter, if not your own satisfaction and that of a customer with a job well done. At La Finca, it is possible for animals to enjoy well-being and a diet that surpasses others, which leads to their happiness, and hence to the consumer.

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The love of work, together with the family vocation that characterizes the Jiménez Barbero brothers, led them to create this unique space in the world: The farm. Sustainable and responsible beef farm, which aims to obtain a healthy product of the highest quality.


The flesh of happiness

The real “Meat of Happiness” of La Finca is what comes from the animals of its own cattle. Calves, cows and oxen raised in unique welfare conditions in the Sierra Este de Madrid, which give a unique product in its category. Their cattle live in the open, are not overthrown and show a shiny camp.

Thanks to a very careful diet, they have their own laboratory, which tests not only the cereals they feed the animals, but also the quality of the batches of meat they make, and the various cuts and products from the fifth range (already prepared). which they spread, at La Finca they are proud to know of the sensations that are able to awaken in those who enjoy The flesh of happiness. A feeling they want to experience again III Carnivorous Meat Attack Conference in Valladolid.

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