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Pureed agricultural egg with sauteed spring mushrooms

It is vital to lay eggs as soon as possible, the structure of the whites will seemingly differ in one case or another to the extent of finding whites that are unlikely to harden if the eggs are not fresh. The most delicious and raw chanterelles will be the small and tight ones that have just opened their hats.

Chef: Andoni Aduris

An inevitable reference in modern haute cuisine, he considers his work a way of expressing feelings. In his kitchen, technical and intellectual, everything has a specific justification. Since 1998 he has been running the Mugaritz restaurant.


  • Salt water at 2% dissolution
  • Sol
  • 100 g of chanterelles
  • A few drops of Arbequin extra virgin olive oil.
  • 4 small chicken eggs on the farm, 35 g / unit
  • parsley


For the eggs

  1. In the case of a combined oven or digital thermostat with a water bath, cook the eggs whole with their shells at a temperature of 62 degrees for about 35 minutes. They can also be cooked in the thermomix (inside the basket), covered with water at 70 ° for 35 minutes.
  2. As a homemade option you can choose to make soft-boiled eggs, in which case they will be poured whole, shells in very hot water that does not reach boiling point.
  3. The egg will be ready when the white has taken some hardness. With a little care you can make it hard and the yolk to flow. Prepare them right during serving.

For zizi

  1. Wash the mushrooms with a delicate brush if the sticky soil is easily removed. If not, wash the sponge with a damp cloth. It is recommended not to immerse the mushrooms in water to wash them.
  2. Clean the parsley leaves and dry well. Using a very sharp knife, chop all the parsley leaves little by little. It really needs to be chopped and not crushed.
  3. In a hot pan, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. When hot, pour the whole mushrooms if they are small and cut into pieces if they are large. Stew for a few minutes and add the chopped parsley.
  4. Keep the sauté until you know that the aroma of the mushroom flows through the action of heat. Add a little salt.


  1. In each very hot semi-deep dish, serve a drained egg using a perforated spoon.
  2. Serve the sauteed mushrooms on and around it. Serve immediately.
  3. This dish can be supplemented, for example, with some kind of sauteed crumbs, peas or beans, which will match in season.

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