Mascarpone cheese in GM Pot

Mascarpone cheese in GM Pot

25 ‘

4 servings


Today’s recipe may surprise you not because of the recipe itself, but rather because of the container in which it is prepared. I used GM sweat, a food processor that can make your life much easier and in which, as you can see from this mascarpone cheese flan, you can prepare almost any recipe. You will also need a metal flange, but this is easier to find. As for the GM Pot, I tell you I have it in the Family Kitchen online store. You can see it by clicking on the photo you have just below this text, it will take you directly to the store, where you can see it in more detail.

Ingredients for 4 people

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We start by placing the eggs, sugar, cheese and cream in a bowl.

    Step 1 of the Mascarpone Cheese Flan in GM Pot

Then we pass the blender until we get a homogeneous mixture and fill the flannel, to which we have previously put liquid caramel on the bottom.

    Step 2 of the Mascarpone Cheese Flan in the GM pot

We need to put some water in the bottom of the GM pot so that it has the effect of a water bath. We will also put the network in the background.

    Step 3 of the Mascarpone Cheese Flan in GM Pot

We put the flannel in the pot and put the lid on it with the valve closed. Now we set the program “turbo” with a time of 12 minutes and the preset temperature.

    Step 4 of the Mascarpone Cheese Flan in GM Pot

Over time, the sweat itself will warn you. Then it will be when we turn it off by pressing the center button for a few seconds and we will open the valve, being careful not to burn it to depressurize. When all the steam comes out, open the pot, take out the flannel and let it cool. Once it’s completely cold, we’ll cast it.

    Step 5 of the Mascarpone Cheese Flan in GM Pot

And ready friends, we finished our dessert today. A Mascarpone cheese made in GM Pot for which you must die. I say goodbye now, tomorrow we will see you with a new salty and delicious recipe here in the Family Kitchen.

    Step 6 of the Mascarpone Cheese Flan in the GM Pot


I will see you on another recipe.
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