Marugoto Tamachan, watermelon cooler


Red inside, green outside, watermelon and if you want it fresh … nothing better than Marugo Tamachan.

Marugoto Tama-chan (2)
What is Marugoto TamaChan?, what you see in the image (although it looks like a vacuum cleaner), a watermelon cooler invented by the Japanese company Joybond what to promote its sale tells us that this utensil can be used to transport and cool or heat any kind of food or drink that can be introduced inside.

Although the truth is small, we can cool or heat in the 14-liter capacity. Measuring 50.2 x 35.4 x 39.3 centimeters and weighing 6.3 kilograms, Marugoto Tamachan Its price is 177 euros plus delivery costs. Something expensive if we have to look for a watermelon that fits us inside.

We really don’t know what attraction the Japanese have with watermelons, because since they “invented” the square watermelon a little over twenty years ago, they have created an entire empire around this refreshing and hydrating summer fruit.

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