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During a crisis, the first thing we turn to is the price of the products in our shopping cart …

At Christmas, the first thing we buy are nougat. That’s why the Consumers’ Union of Almeria (UCA) has analyzed the prices of various nougats, as this is a typical Christmas product that we usually buy, almost all Spaniards.

The main conclusion reached by UCA is that we can save a lot of money if we decide this Christmas to add a private label nougat to our shopping cart compared to those made by more well-known traditional brands that are advertised in the media.

The differences between buying one or the other are 212% in the case of Jijona nougat (soft), 212% for Alicante nougat (hard) and 244% in the case of chocolate nougat.

Although there are not only differences between white and traditional brands. There is a big difference between choosing a company with a private label over another that also has your products.

For example, if we buy nougat with a white label (Jijona and Alicante), the prices range from the cheapest 1.39 euros that we can buy in the DIA supermarket, to 2.5 euros that the nougat tablet costs in the Carrefour centers. As you can see, the difference is significant, 80% more expensive. On the contrary, if you want to have the cheapest chocolate nougat, you will have to go to the centers of Alcampo and buy their white label (Auchan) at a price of 1.09.

The study also reflects the price differences that occur for the same product depending on the establishment from which it was purchased. Thus, in the case of “1880” nougat, the price is 7.99 euros, if purchased as in supermarkets Mercadona, El Arbol or Eroski centers (curiously, they all have the same price, even in cents), but the same brand “1880”, in the varieties Jijona and Alicante, costs € 9.95 in Carrefour, 24.53% more expensive.

In the case of the nougat brand “El Almendro” (he always comes home for Christmas), it is curious that in the varieties Jijona and Alicante the restaurants El Arbol, Eroski and Mercadona have the same price of € 4.35, while Carrefour has 5.25 euro, ie 20.68% more expensive.

In the case of Suchard chocolate nougat, the price is 2.95 in Mercadona and 2.99 in El Arbol and Eroski (again identical prices), while in Carrefour it reaches € 3.25.

As you can see, we need to look for and reconsider whether we want to have a little “quiet” party, as there are many products and foods that we usually buy for those days when we have almost everything left.

Para hacernos la compra algo más económica la UCA nos da una serie de recomendaciones, que si seguimos, ahorraremos unos eurillos:

- Preparar antes de visitar los supermercados una lista de la compra ajustándonos a nuestras necesidades familiares y económicas.

- Comprobar y mirar con lupa el etiquetado de los turrones, ya que no es lo mismo un turrón de Jijona con un 40% de almendra que con un 80%, igual sucede con el de chocolate, ya que el precio depende de la cantidad de cacao que tiene la barra en cuestión y tampoco es lo mismo que entre los ingredientes de un turrón este el azúcar sustituyendo a la miel.

- No dejar las compras para última hora, pero tampoco acaparar, ya que algunas marcas cuanto más se aproxima la Navidad (y según las ventas) suelen bajar los precios del turrón ante el riesgo de que se le queden en stock. Algún establecimiento como Mercadona ha bajado (desde el 5 de noviembre hasta hoy) en su marca propia Hacendado, 10 céntimos de euro en la tableta de turrón (duro y blando), y también 14 céntimos en la de chocolate.

The Almeria Consumers’ Union This study is based on the prices consulted in 7 most famous restaurants with a presence in the capital Almeria: Lidl, Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo, Eroski, el Arbol and Dia.

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The study was conducted on 12 brands of nougat; 5 white: Hacendado, Carrefour, Eroski, Día, Alcampo and Favorina-exclusive Lidl; 7 traditional from Gijon, Alicante and Crispy chocolate with rice, in tablets of 300 grams, highest quality: Antiu Xixiona, 1880, El Almendro, Suchard, Delaviuda and El Lobo.

A really valid study for the other centers in Spain.

With this “help” we can get an idea of ​​where to buy, if possible, something cheaper. Don’t you think?


More information: UCA

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