Makalan 60 years in Lalik


Macallan and Lalique have released their fifth exclusive decanter: The Macallan 60 Years in Lalique.

Makalan in Lalik at the age of 60

After releasing several decanters from the Lalique House with unique whiskeys of 50, 55, 57 and 64 years, Macallan surprised us with a limited edition whiskey of 400 units, individually numbered, on the whiskey. “Macallan 60 Years Old in Lalique“.

These decanters are a unique “excuse” to display the oldest and rarest stocks in the Scottish distillery. His latest gem, and never better said, is Macallan’s 64-year-old single malt in Lalique: Cire Perdue. An “extremely limited” single-unit edition, which was sold at auction last November at Sotheby’s for a whopping $ 460,000, donated to the NGO Water, a charity dedicated to providing drinking water in developing countries.

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The new decanter Macallan 60 Years Old in Lalique there will be a much lower price, about 15,000 euros per piece. A price that may seem very high to us, on the contrary, will make them “get out of their hands.”


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