Luis Peique wine made from Mencia del Bierzo grapes


Bodegas Peique, a sustainable commitment to life, a link between wine and family in the El Bierzo region.

Luis Peique wine, red menu

Fifteen years ago, the three generations of the Peique family began a business adventure around the vineyards that this saga had in Valtuille de Abajo, in Villafranca del Bierzo (León). That same year, the city where they were born and raised among vines and barrels saw one of the family wineries that was in it become a project committed to sustaining a commitment to life, as well as a link between wine. and family: Bodegas Peike.

There are seven wines that come from Peique Winery, a family project that, after 15 years of work, passion and dedication, saw his wines being exported under a common name.

And this, although somewhat banal, has a double edge that must be maintained in perfect balance if we do not want the project to fall apart. This is well known to the Peique family from the very beginning.

Bodegas Peike Stopper

Since then, they have chosen a way to make different wines in the area. For grapes, such as Godello or Mencía, for making unique wines. In one area, El Bierzo, where strong and coarse wines were produced.

This bet, not without much work and sacrifice, proved to be good and today the Peique family can be proud to see how their wines, good wines, are in more than ten countries, including Japan, USA, Brazil and China. …

The dreams of this family, who have already turned their attention to their fourth generation, would never have seen the light without the invaluable contribution of Ramon Vale and Luis Peike, who over the years have cared for the vineyards to get the best out of them. grapes and the best wine.

As a token of gratitude, the family named two of their wines in recognition of their zeal and work, so the original dream came true, Bodegas Peique.

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Wine Bierzo Luis Peique

“Luis Peique” is a wine made with grapes from 90-year-old vineyards of the Mencía variety. After 16 months in barrels of French oak, it is released in the form of 600 bottles and 100 magnums.

This wine is as delicate as the colors and shades it radiates in the glass. Although then in the mouth it is as powerful and delicious as the new wines coming out of the El Bierzo region.

A real discovery like Peique Selección Familiar, Peique Viñedos Viejos, Ramón Valle, Peique Mencía, Peique Rosado and Blanco Godello de Bodegas Peike.


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