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In the end, George Clooney lost his job at Nespresso.

It seems that the war of capsules from coffee express it has no end. Nespresso, the brand that everyone wants to win, has emerged as a strong competitor. After launching the Senseo single-dose coffee machine and seeing that it could not with the Swiss multinational company, the North American company Sarah Lee (sells Marcilla coffee and Senseo coffee pods in Spain), pulls out heavy artillery to face the Swiss brand Nespresso.

The Express are the capsules with which the North American company has managed to find a formula very similar (not the same) to the capsules it makes Nestle for your coffee machines. The difference Enter The Express and Nespresso In addition to the patent and its contents, the capsules of the former are made of transparent plastic and the latter are made of aluminum.
L'Or Express capsule coffee

So far, these two large companies are “fighting” for the French market, a juicy business that is about 500 million euros a year, of which 140 million is collected through large retail areas, and the rest is obtained through the exclusive 19 stores that Nespresso has throughout France. .

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post L’Or espresso to other European countries, but while in Spain Nespresso has another open front with Ne-Cap. A Spanish company that directly sells espresso coffee capsules to refill in their homes.

The savings in all options are significant if we have to pay EUR 0.37 for each Nespresso coffee capsule, one of L’Or espresso This will cost us 0.30 and that of Ne-Cap € 0.09, the amount to which we must add the price of the product we fill them and the time we spend filling them.

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However, the Nespresso brand is calm about these attacks, because according to it, “the more demanding coffee lovers are, the more they will choose Nespresso”. What else?

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