L’Oli del Mar, olive oil from the Ebro delta


The new ecological Baix Ebre “L’Oli del Mar” oil crop was presented in Valencia on 5 October.

They are things of destiny, is a phrase we have all heard and said about. The same phrase can be said or heard from the creator of L’Oli del Mar.

Sergi Gonzalez stumbled upon several centuries-old olive trees planted on terraces (rugged terrain with stone fields) while walking with his family in Ebro Delta. These olive trees were there alone, without anyone taking care of them.

After acquiring them, Sergi receives about 450 kilograms of olives of this type in each campaign Farga, arbequina, morruda and sevillenca which, together with a blend, are the four indigenous varieties that personalize the production of L’Oli del Mar.

L'Oli del Mar

They are all assembled by hand and passed through the traditional system of stone mills. 115 liters of pure and crude oil with unique characteristics and exceptional organoleptic nuances are extracted from this process, in which the uniqueness of its various aromas and aromas stands out.

An oil that has been analyzed and classified as “extra virgin with a high polyphenol content”, which certifies its properties and contribution as a natural cellular antioxidant. Besides being a main ingredient in Mediterranean diet.

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L'Oli del Mar, olive oil from the Ebro delta

L’Oli del Mar

L’Oli del Mar is an organic extra virgin butter, with an intense fruity aroma that will enhance all your dishes, although it really reveals its full potential when taken naturally in salads or as a last minute dressing in very few complex dishes.

Manufacturer: EBRETHINK SL


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