Le Cordon Bleu announces Promises of Gourmet Cuisine


Le Cordon Bleu, the world’s most prestigious haute cuisine school, invites young chefs under the age of 25 to take part in the first Promises of Haute Cuisine award.

I promise a haute cuisine award

Until the following January 21, 2013, hostel students who are studying the last year of study in a cooking or pastry program at one of the Spanish cooking schools can apply to I promise a haute cuisine award organized by Le Cordon Bleu.

In order to compete, the hospitality students will have to demonstrate with the other participants their technical skills, creativity and cooking talent. The prize for the first place winner will be a scholarship for training Le Cordon Bleu Madrid.

Interested students can submit their applications, as already mentioned, until 20:00. On January 21, 2013 or through their training center, which will decide among all students which five candidates will represent them; or separately by completing the application on the Le Cordon Bleu Madrid website, in the event that the School of Hospitality where you study decides not to submit any applicants. Although the organization will not take into account the individual applications of students whose centers have submitted up to five candidates.

Once the application period is over, the jury will pre-select a total of 100 candidates from among all students represented, regardless of the center in which they study.

During the next phase, future chefs will present a recipe prepared according to the official award format, which will list all the ingredients, techniques and steps required in the preparation, along with a video for participation.

Once this is done, ten finalists will be selected at the final stage, who will be present on 5 June 2013 at the facilities of Le Cordon Bleu Madrid where they will face each other in the last phase.

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On this day, they will have to prepare the recipe with which they participated, which will be evaluated by a professional jury composed of chefs from the center and prestigious chefs invited by the school, according to the techniques used, originality, taste, presentation and display of the prepared dish.

Among these ten dishes the winning chef of I promise a haute cuisine award and the runner-up. These young promises for the kitchen will have a prize consisting of a 100% scholarship to study a diploma in cooking or pastries worth 21,000 euros for the first ranked and a 100% scholarship to study a certificate for cooking or pastries worth 7,000 euros , for the second.

If you have reached the minimum age required for this competition, are studying a cooking or pastry program at a public or private school, and are in your final year of study, we encourage you to apply. I promise a haute cuisine award.


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