Lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

Lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

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4 servings


Today in the Family Kitchen with Javier Romero I prepared a delicious lasagna with ham and cheese. A plate of homemade food, which is very easy to prepare and which will get you out of more than one rush every day. You don’t need to make fillings or anything like that, just roll up and make plain béchamel, whose full step-by-step recipe can be found in both the ingredients section and the preparation section.

Maybe the look of the recipe catches your eye because they look like cannelloni and actually are. I called it lasagna because the type of pasta I used is specifically for making lasagna, but the cooking process is similar to that of cannelloni. Now I hope you start cooking it at home, because it will only cost you 45 minutes and you will make everyone very happy.

Ingredients for 4 people

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First, we will heat water in a large saucepan. When it starts to boil, we will add a handful of salt, stir and then place the lasagna plates, which will cook for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Once they are boiled, we will drain them carefully and cool them with cold water.

    Step 1 of lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

Once they are well drained, we will proceed to assembling the rollers. Place the lasagna plate and top with half a slice of ham and a cheese. They should be in the closest part of the plate to us, so that when you roll it, everything will stay in place.

    Step 2 of lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

While making rolls, we will place them on a tray folded down so that they do not develop.

    Step 3 of lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

Now we will prepare béchamel for gratin, whose recipe you can see CLICK HERE.

    Step 4 of lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

When we do, we will put a little with a spoon on each roll. Then we will sprinkle well with grated yellow cheese to bake.

    Step 5 of lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

Turn on the oven rack and when it is hot, place the pan, which should be in the half position so that it costs less time. We will know that the lasagna will be gratin when the cheese melts and turns golden.

    Step 6 of lasagna with ham and gratin cheese

And that’s it, friends, when we have lasagna with ham and cheese well grated, we’ll take it out of the oven and quickly bring it to the table to eat. I hope you will prepare it at home very soon and tell me the result on social networks. I say goodbye now, I’m waiting for you in the next recipe, which I will publish here in Family Kitchen.

    Step 7 of lasagna with ham and gratin cheese


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