Kopi Luwak: The most expensive coffee in the world

In London, a unique gourmet blend, including Civet Cat coffee (Kopi Luwak), sells in a mall for a whopping $ 100 a cup.

It is made from Jamaican grain Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak, a type that not all customers are ready to eat. But the result is no less than the sophisticated Raro coffee, considered the most expensive in the world. Copy beans Luwak come from distant Indonesia. They are ingested by the cat Algalia or civet, which then discards them.

Cats from algae or civets live among the bushes of plantations in Southeast Asia. Instinctively, they eat only the best coffee beans.

The enzymes in your digestive system do the rest of the work. The grain slurry is opened before being discarded, and then the excrement is collected by plantation workers, who clean the dirt and preserve the goods.

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Civets inhabit the islands of Sumatra,, Java and Celebes, in the archipelago of Indonesia, On Philippines (there the product is known as Cape Alamid), Vietnam and some southern coffee-producing countries India. Coffee in Vietnam is a little different, because in fact the animal that does the process there is weasel, and the coffee beans are of the variety healthy.

Civet coffee is currently the most expensive variety, with an approximate price of about 500 /kilograms. Sold mainly in USA and Japan, but its consumption is spreading and it is now possible to find it in many other places, albeit in limited quantities.

Copies is the Indonesian word for coffee and luwal is the local name for civet. Red coffee fruits are a natural part of your diet, in addition to insects, small mammals and other fruits.

Internal coffee beans are not digested, but appear to be chemically modified by enzymes present in stomach of onions, which add aroma for breaking coffee protein which produce its bitterness. The grains are still separated from the inner layers of the fruit, they are collected by the locals and sold to distributors.
Kopi Luwak Civet Cat feces

The collected beans are washed and toasted only lightly so as not to spoil the complex flavors that have developed during the process.

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David Cooper, who created the coffee blend at a London mall, explains that “these unique coffees are roasted slowly by hand in about 12 minutes to get the maximum potential of each bean.”

“The final color of the roast is quite dark to ensure that the espresso is ideal for smooth coffee with milk or cappuccino,” he added.

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