Kimiko Barber’s Japanese Cuisine, Ancient Culinary Art

The new book of Kimiko barber, “Japanese cuisine“, edited by Akal, intends to show us ancient culinary art through simple recipes, its main ingredients and always in a simple and clear way.

In this book “Japanese cuisine from Kimiko barber“We will find more than 100 recipes, some simpler than others, available to all those lovers or chefs who want to learn how to make some of the most popular dishes of Japanese cuisine, such as the famous California rolls, maki sushi or yakisobaetc.
In addition to these small delicacies, we can learn to make other more original suggestions such as “chicken marinated in soy and ginger“; a little tasty”shrimp with green tea“;”Roasted mussels with spicy miso sauce“Or”black feverAmong many other recipes.
A member of various levels of difficulty, his over 120 recipes show that in his sauces and dressings, soups and rice, in meat and fish dishes there is life beyond sushi and tempura, as well as the ability to combine traditional and culinary innovations.

Exquisitely loaded book receptions with hints of modern tastes, with influences from around the world that will teach us how to prepare exotic, delicious and healthy dishes, for ourselves or to share with friends or family. In addition to the inclusion of a series of useful cooking tips and presentation techniques for each of the recipes.

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Japanese cuisine, Kimiko Barber

ISBN: 978-84-96669-51-2
Dimensiones: 20,5x25
N.° páginas: 192
Precio: 25€

More information and purchase: Editorial Akal

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