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The young chef from Córdoba Juan José Ruiz Alvarez is the winner of the VIII competition for the best new chef of the year, held at the International Food Fair “Andalucía Sabor 2009”.

Juan Jose Ruiz

The final of the VIII competition for the best new chef of the year, organized by the Business Association for Certified Quality, Landaluz, in cooperation with the Ministry through European Institute of Mediterranean Food (IEAMED) took place today at Andalucía Sabor 2009 International Food Fair, more specifically in the field of activities of the institutional stand of agriculture and fisheries under the slogan “Mediterranean diet, heritage for all”.

The winner, Juan Jose Ruiz Alvarez, chef of Hotel AC Palacio from Cordoba, overcame in “iron chefs” or “duel of chefs” to Mercedes Bornico Campos (Malaga) and Alfonso Benigno Marin (Seville) with his plate “Lacquered low-temperature bream with gilded head and sweet crumbs with vegetables, oregano, caviar from beets and chlorophyll“Receive as a prize a check worth 3,000 euros and a place in the course”Harold McGee“Surrendered by French Culinary Institute from New York.

In addition, the young chef will have the opportunity to perform staff at the WD-50 restaurant in New York, along with Willie Dufresne, or in Kalima Restaurant, in Marbella, with Danny Garcia.

With this award ceremony, Haute cuisine congress which was held in Seville Conference and Exhibition Center (Fibes) in parallel with the International Food Fair “Andalucía Sabor 2009”, which brought together about 40 of the best chefs in the world.

Without a doubt, these types of competitions are a great springboard for new kitchen values, wherever they are.

Our sincere congratulations to Juan Jose.

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