Jose Penin writes The History of Wine

In this book, The History of Wine, José Peñín collects the long journey to date with one of the most widespread beverages in almost all cultures, wine.

The history of wine is not a guide to use and is not intended to be a guide to good manners on how to drink and serve this drink at the table.
Jose Penin uses more than 500 pages to talk about what he likes (and knows) the most, about wine and its history. From its use in the first civilizations and historical times to the present day.

Much of the book focuses on the topic of wine in our culture and territory, the other on other civilizations.

History of wine“It is supplemented with illustrations and maps of the most important wine regions in Spain and the world.

Jose Penin is the president of Grupo Peñin, a company specializing in the world of wine, from which they became famous with Sibaritas magazine, the Peñin Guide and more than 20 books written since its founding, everything related to this world, the world of wine. .

Wine history:

Autor: José Peñin
ISBN: 9788467029246
Precio: 24'90
Más información y venta: Editorial Espasa

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