Jose Andres, “Best Media Chef” in the United States


Spanish chef Jose Andres has been selected by the American television channel Bravo TV “Best Media Chef” in the United States.

Award in the USA for Jose Andres

Each year, this TV channel presents A-List awards, recognizing the most prominent personalities in different worlds, such as fashion, design, pop culture or cuisine.

Jose Andres was very excited and happy yesterday, as he said it was “a means of communication in such a great country that what Spanish cuisine recognizes” is very important.

We told you a few months ago in El Aderezzo that this “so talkative chef” is one of the nominees for the prestigious “Outstanding Chef” award given by the James Bird Foundation to recognize the most innovative and outstanding chefs in the US culinary scene. .

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Unfortunately, chef Jose Andres did not take it, but the one for “Best Media Chef” yes, congratulations …

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