Jamie Oliver’s 20-minute meal, a good recipe app


Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meal app for the iPhone was selected by Apple as one of the top five apps at the World Developer Conference, the same event where the new iPhone 4 was unveiled.

It has been available in the Apple Store since last October Jamie Oliver’s 20-minute meal, a IPhone application by chef Jamie Oliver, in which he presents a selection of 55 recipes that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes and without any complications.

The Jamie Oliver’s app for 20 minutes of food for iPhone, is a real digital cookbook that describes us in detail step by step, either through photos or explanatory videos for all kinds of recipes. With a search system by ingredients, categories or labels we can choose the offer we want the most from those offered by British chef Jamie Oliver in this app, priced at € 5.99 in apple shop.

What else, Jamie Oliver’s 20-minute meal includes an hour and a quarter of exclusive videos for our iPhone, in which we can see such interesting things as tricks when buying fish or how to make our salads come out better, in addition to each of the 55 recipes shows us a list of products to buy and kitchen utensils for use.

Thanks to all this, as it has one of the most attractive and successful interfaces among over 200,000 applications that exist on the iPhone market, Jamie Oliver’s 20-minute meal has been selected by Apple as one of the top five applications in World Developer Conference, the same event in which new iPhone 4.

Manzana has defined it to the application Jamie Oliver’s 20-minute meal as one of the five applications for iPhone with greater “technological excellence, innovation, superior technological adaptation, high productivity and outstanding design”.

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The only bad thing for those who do not know English is that it is in the original version and so far there is no translation into Spanish.

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