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“No fish overboard” is an international campaign aimed at raising public awareness of discards, one of the main environmental problems affecting European fishing zones.

When a ship picks up its nets, they may contain not only “wanted” fish, but may also contain “unwanted” catches, ie. catches that have inadvertently fallen into the nets of fishing gear.

These “involuntary catches” consist of “unwanted fish”, “minions”, crustaceans and molluscs that return to the sea and many of them fail to survive due to the injuries and trauma caused by the said capture.

Although this is not the only thing. Another reason why fishing boats have to return fish to the sea is the EU regulation, which specifies how many pieces of each species can be caught. When a boat reaches the catch quota, fishermen must discard this fish, returning it to the sea, alive, injured or in many cases dead. Thus, the possibility for this fish to live in good conditions is minimal.

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That was last summer, in July in particular, when the European Commission recommended banning these practices, which discards 13% of all catches in Community waters overboard.

But as the bureaucracy and interests of the parties are as they are, the law will take years to implement and it is not known for sure how it will finally be drafted in the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Part of the success of this reform is thanks to the British chef Hugh Fernley-Whitingstal, well known in his country for the protection of sustainable consumption and fair trade, who made and broadcast a program at the beginning of last year, “Fish battle“, Which focuses on the problem of discarding fish. Hugh launched a petition in his program to stop this unwanted catch and his call was quickly received, and a few days later thousands of people signed the petition, attached to a letter to European Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki and several other MEPs.

It is for all this, and taking advantage of the fact that negotiations are currently taking place in the European Union, that the initiative (Fish battle) arrives simultaneously this week in France, Germany, Poland and Spain.

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This coming Wednesday, May 23, chefs Paco Ronsero, Mario Sandoval, Angel Leon, Joaquin Felipe, Dario Barrio, along with journalist and meteorologist Mario Picazo image of a tank, will present the campaign “Ni un pez por la” in Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel, where through a tapas bar, which will be made from discarded fish, they will invite politicians, environmentalists, fishermen and generals in the population of the whole country, to request a change in the industry and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) law, which will apply from 1 January 2013.

Currently, “No fish overboard” has about 800,000 signatures, but it is certain that nowadays it will increase significantly, you just have to give yours to stop discarding fish in Europe.

For more information: There are no fish behind the board of .org or c Hughsfishfight YouTube channel


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