Italy and the Mafia: poisonous, counterfeit wines and black bread


If in Italy they did not have enough emission of mozzarella with dioxins, now they condemn the sale of 70 million liters of wine with toxic substances, counterfeit wine and bread produced illegally in mafia ovens.

Wine night

Millions of Italians have been poisoned for years with wine, a deadly cocktail that kills them with carcinogenic and unhealthy products. This is the largest food fraud operation in the country’s history, which, according to researchers, reaches 70 million liters of wine.

European Commission yesterday asked Italy for details of a new food scandal exposed on the cover of the weekly Espresso, according to which the prosecution estimates that at least 70 million liters of cheap wine, present in supermarkets across the country in bottles and tetrabric containers, contains only one-fifth of real wine; the others, the tests revealed, consist of a dangerous mixture of water, sugar and chemicals containing carcinogenic fertilizers and hydrochloric and sulfuric acid.

People believe that what they drink is a very cheap wine, that they pay between 0.70 and 2 euros, a bull. But he drank only a fifth of the grapes, according to an investigation by the weekly The espresso, which reveals that the mafias are behind a giant industrial fraud system that spans many Italian regions.

The counterfeit wine continues to be sold in many warehouses, supermarkets, restaurants and “trattorias” on the peninsula.

The first clue comes from a winery in Veronella, near Verona, which was responsible for methanol poisoning 22 years ago, leaving 15 people blind. The owner was arrested and charged with handling food with a risk to health, the magazine writes. Analyzes performed on the mixed liquid showed that it contained between 20% and 40% wine, and the rest was a mixture of water, fertilizers, sugar and hydrochloric and sulfuric acid used to mask the presence of sugar.

There are at least twenty wineries mixed in the distribution of counterfeit wine present in northern and central Italian cities such as Brescia, Bologna, Perugia, Verona and Udine. But they are not the only ones. The criminal system has worked flawlessly for years and the manufacturers – explains L’Espresso – save up to 90% of the price.

Forged wine

One of the most expensive and famous wines in Italy, Brunello de Montalcino Tuscany is also under suspicion, although the fraud looks different.

Castello Banffy

The Siena prosecutor’s office ordered raids on four different wineries, and hundreds of bottles were seized, mainly from the 2003 harvest, to be made with different grapes from the original Sangiovese. Prosecutors also announced yesterday that CEO Enrico Villierchio and Vice President Remo Grassi of the Tuscan winery Castello Banfi are being investigated on charges of fraud, from which 600,000 bottles of Brunello have been withdrawn since 2003.

According to researchers, between 30% and 40% of Brunello produced between 2003 and 2007 by several major manufacturers are counterfeit. There are two reasons for the fraud: that there is not as much Sangiovese vineyard as the entire Brunello sold (about six million bottles a year), and that consumers, especially Americans, prefer a sweeter and softer option.

In this way, Merlot, Sauvignon and other grapes would secretly enter the taste, especially to attract the more conventional taste of foreign customers, such as the Japanese, who want to buy all of Brunello’s produce every year and do not allow them.

Camorra bread: “Black bread”

Latest news in this Italy about food scams.

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In Naples, it was discovered that the camorra, the local mafia, controlled many bakeries, where very tasty bread was made, prepared by feeding the fire without rules. Camorra bread costs less and is advertised as genuine, according to L’Espresso

All kinds of discharges are used for its preparation, even painted wood and tree bark treated with antiparasitic agents.

Police, who inspected 400 bakeries in and around Naples, found that they were even used to set fire to two coffins were found. Many ovens in Naples are secret and all produce so-called “black bread” under the control of the Camorra.

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