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Today begins in Turin (Italy) the most ecological oenological and gastronomic event of the year “International Taste Fair”, which in this, in its seventh edition, will pay special attention to environmental care.

The International Fair of Taste, where you can try delicacies from more than 153 countries, including Spain, will be characterized as one of the gastronomic events that have the least impact on the environment for the city where they take place, as its organizers have upgraded the event facilities to as little polluting as possible.

Such is the struggle that Hall of Taste for the Environment, which in this edition (held every two years) joined the Terra Madre meeting, which for three years brought together more than a thousand “food communities” in the same city, Turin, set up of all those people who work in the field in an environmentally friendly way.

Both Terra Madre and Salón del Gusto worked closely together in the previous edition of Salón del Gusto in 2006, and on this occasion they wanted to strengthen this link by creating a unique space for debate and awareness on the main issues of “Eco-gastronomy”.

The organization of the two fairs hopes to reduce by one third the volume of waste generated by the event by 200,000 kg. produced in 2006 up to 56,000 kg. they hope to gather this year.

To achieve this goal, for example, the carpet covering the pavilions has been removed because it cannot be recycled; The use of posters in the pavilions is limited and the reusable material is used in the construction of the booths, which will later be used for other purposes.

They will also create a forest on the banks of the Po River that runs through Turin to offset the CO2 emissions produced during the event.

In the same way, the competition will spread values ​​such as those proclaimed by the Slow-Food movement, an organization of Italian origin that fights for food to meet three basic requirements in order to be “good, clean and fair”.

Or it is the same that they protect regional gastronomic traditions, are produced without harming the land and are sold in accordance with the principles of social justice.

As you can see, this is not only a fair where you can eat well, but above all it is a place where you can learn to choose food, knowing its main history, the impact it will have on our health and especially on the environment that surrounds us.

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We can learn all this and more at conferences, seminars and so-called “taste laboratories” (including tastings led by farmers and fishermen), which will be held in Hall of Taste in Turin until the next 27 October 2008

We can’t attend due to lack of time and resources, but if you go … do you mind telling us?

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