Ink-filled squid, homemade recipe

Ink-filled squid, homemade recipe

60 ‘

4 servings


I could not find references to this recipe from squid filled with ink and then I wonder what to do? Well, I’m coming up with something pretty credible.

I want to guess, because of the roots that this recipe has in Basque cuisine, and given that it has a long seafaring tradition, it can be made for the first time at some point in the Basque Country. In fact, we don’t need many ingredients to get an unusual dish, there is only one drawback that it costs a little to make, although for me the pleasure of enjoying it exceeds the sacrifice to make it. Orchard and sea, we will take the ingredients from there, so if we remove the ham, this recipe will also apply to vegetarians, courage, we get to it.

Ingredients for 4 people

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We start by chopping onions, garlic and carrots, then put them to fry in a pan with olive oil and lightly seasoned.

    Step 1 of squid stuffed with ink, homemade recipe

While the vegetables are slowly cooking, we take the squid legs and chop them in the grinder that comes with the blender.

    Step 2 of ink-filled squid, homemade recipe

Then beat the eggs in a bowl and then add the chopped squid legs, minced ham and put breadcrumbs while stirring until you get a paste, but without baking it. Do not overdo it with bread.

    Step 3 of squid stuffed with ink, homemade recipe

Then we put all the pasta in a pastry bag and keep them.

    Step 4 of ink-filled squid, homemade recipe

When we finish the vegetables, mix all the squid ink in the white wine and add it.

    Step 5 of ink-filled squid, homemade recipe

Then add the tomato sauce, mix well and pour a little water. Pour everything into a measuring cup and mix well until you get a fine sauce, which should be returned to the pan.

    Step 6 of squid stuffed with ink, homemade recipe

Now fill the squid. We place the squid hole in the top of the pastry bag and press, trying to leave about 3 cm without filling, because then the filling will grow when it is ready and can come out.

    Step 7 of squid filled with ink, homemade recipe

Then we put a toothpick on them, pricking them twice so that they close and put them in the pot (or casserole).

    Step 8 of ink-filled squid, homemade recipe

Finish cooking the squid for 20 minutes in the sauce. If you see that the sauce dries, add a little water and stir gently.

    Step 9 of ink-filled squid, homemade recipe

After this time we will turn off the fire and leave squid filled with ink for 10 minutes. Then we can sit at the table to eat and enjoy a dish that, as I always say, is quite time consuming to prepare and can be eaten in 5 minutes. Nothing more for today, more tomorrow and better in Homemade dessertswhere we will have a new sweet recipe.

    Step 10 of ink-filled squid, homemade recipe


I will see you on another recipe.
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