Indian papadum, thin and fresh bread


Papadums are thin and crunchy breads made with lentil flour and dried in the sun that come from India.

Indian papadums

These thin loaves complement each Indian food and they can also be consumed on their own, as a breakfast or as an aperitif, accompanied by lutenitsa and other types of sauces.

Patak’s, the brand of these papadumi, produces these breads with fresh, natural products and with different sizes and flavors, such as curry, red or black pepper, garlic, squid ink, etc., all of which give a low caloric value and, of course, are suitable for vegetarians.

The papadumi, which are like dumpling waffles, but made of hard pasta, can be prepared either fried in a pan with oil or in the microwave.

In both ways, they are crunchy and can perfectly accompany any type of ingredient. A Russian salad,, guacamole, tomato ratatouille, salmorejo, etc., will be ideal if served in a papadumi.

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Don’t you know them? You can get a container from 10 papadums for € 2.60 in every supermarket in The English court or in gourmet shops.

Try them and then share your experience with us.


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