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The “II D’Pintxos World Miniature Kitchen Fair” starts at the Miramar Palace in San Sebastian from October 27 to 29.

We have just finished a few days ago with the IV National Pinchos and Tapas Competition in Valladolid and we have already organized another Pincho and Tapa competition as the main characters.

The II World Fair for Miniature Kitchens D’Pintxos and “Pintxo Tunnel“There are two experiences that the happiest will have the opportunity to enjoy in a city as gastronomic as San Sebastian. Art, originality, taste and delicacy in “more modest” gastronomy, but never less: that of pinch and cork.

The gastronomic fair will bring together various national and international exhibitors specializing in gastronomy and wines, who will present their products, their developments, as well as a rich catalog of kitchen utensils. During the three days a challenge to try his gastronomic offerings.

Simultaneously II Pintxo Tunnel featuring the best bars specializing in pincho, tapas and miniature cuisine.

Attendees will be able to judge and enjoy the quality in a long tour of the stands of the pinchots presented by the participating bars.

Although you will open your mouth, by tomorrow begins “D’Pintxos Miniature Kitchen Fair“Today, Sunday, another initiative called ‘Solidarity Pintxo“And this consists of selling pincho and tapas at a price of one euro at the San Martin market in San Martin in order to raise funds for food and training for the people of the African country of Ethiopia.

Later, during the fair itself, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to taste wine, cava or cheese from Idiazabal.

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Both Fair of miniature kitchens As “Pintxo Tunnel“They were organized by the gastronomic critic Peyo Garcia Amiano.

Great gastronomic meeting that should be on the agenda. We are still hangovers from the Valladolid Pinchos city competition, but you … Will you join us?

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More information: d’pintxos.com

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