Iberian ham cork

How good this Iberian ham Tapa feels in the middle of the morning.

Iberian ham cork or toast

After posting the article “Province, lots of flavors”, I remembered that I had a very Andalusian recipe in the “inkwell”, which, although nothing, is delicious.

In fact, it’s not in the plan “how hard it is”, but rather “what a good ham”.

And that’s it Iberian ham cork the main ingredient (ham) must be Iberian.

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Iberian ham cork

Iberian ham cork

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  1. The slices of bread are toasted on both sides in the oven.

  2. Remove and rub the garlic on one side (this is optional), pour a thread of extra virgin olive oil.

  3. Crush the tomatoes with the mixer and spread it on the four slices of bread.

  4. Season with a few grains of coarse salt and place the slices of Iberian ham on top.

  5. We enjoy Iberian ham Tapa with fresh beer, a glass of fine wine, a soft drink or a glass of water. This is to the taste of the consumer.

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