Iberian ham and parmesan fish

Iberian ham and parmesan fish

Four five’

6 servings


360 kcal

Today in the Family Kitchen with Javier Romero I prepared a delicious risotto with Iberian ham and Parmesan. Risotto is one of those dishes from Italian cuisine that I have fallen in love with since I started my career in cooking on the Internet. I found that not everything is pasta and pizza, but a good example of this is risotto, a word that comes from the Italian term riso, which means rice.

It is said that the origin of this dish dates back to the 15th century, when a young man asked the daughter of one of the most popular Italian masters at the time married. The young man, who loved to cook, asked them to prepare a really special dish for the engagement party and recommended that it be a dish with rice, which also has a few saffron threads to give it color. Everyone was delighted by the eye-catching saffron added to the risotto, and the taste of parmesan, pieces of sausage, butter and bird broth did the rest.

There are a few guidelines to follow when preparing risotto:

– The broth should be added hot so as not to cut the cooking at any time. It is essential that.

– The rice you use must be firmly grained. The “arborio” and “carnaroli” classes have a high starch content and are therefore suitable for making risotto.

– While adding the broth, you need to stir from time to time, but after adding the cream and later Parmesan, you can not stop stirring, as it may stick.

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Ingredients for 6 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We start with the preparation of vegetable broth

We start by putting a lot of water and a handful of salt in a pan, along with the peppers, leeks, carrots and half an onion to make a vegetable broth. When it starts to boil, I will count about 20 minutes.

We start with the preparation of the vegetable broth

2 – We start preparing the risotto

When there are about 5 minutes left for the broth to be ready, we will put a flat pan on the fire with the butter so that it melts. When you do, we will put the ham shavings and cook them lightly. At this point we will add the sliced ​​mushrooms and cook them as well.

We start preparing the risotto

3 – Stew the rice and start adding the broth

After cooking the mushrooms, we will add the rice and stew it a bit. From here we need to add a little broth and add while the rice is drunk.

Stew the rice and start adding the broth

4 – With the almost ready rice add the cream

As soon as we see that the rice has some time to finish cooking, we will add the cream and start stirring slowly but surely. It is important not to stop stirring, because it can stick.

With the almost ready rice we add the cream

5 – Then add the cheese

Shortly afterwards we will add the parmesan and mix so that it melts with the other components and everything is well integrated.

Then add the cheese

6 – Boil the rice to its optimal point

As soon as we mix the cheese well, we can remove the risotto from the heat and quickly sit down at the table to eat before it cools down and the cheese makes the risotto pasta.

Boil the rice to its optimal point

7 – Serve and enjoy Iberian ham fish

And that’s it, friends, we finished our recipe for the day. Iberian ham and parmesan risotto, which is so delicious that when you taste it, you will cry with pure happiness. I said, I hope you prepare it at home and tell me what you think on social media. Just for today, I’ll see you in the next recipe, which I’ll post here, elsewhere, in Family Kitchen.

We serve and enjoy Iberian ham fish


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