I managed to lose weight with my protein recipes


The month of March has just begun and with good weather there are / are many people who take care of our diet in the summer, either by reducing the intake of caloric foods and increasing the consumption of fresh vegetables, or by following the many diets that exist, of course are always under medical supervision.

One of these “miracle diets“It simply came to our notice then Ducan’s diet, so loved by many as hated by others. This diet, the so-called hyperprotein diet, is followed by many believers and followers who strictly follow its basic principles.

I managed to lose weight!  With my protein recipes

One of these is true Carmen Albo that according to her, after she tried to lose weight with all kinds of diets (without much success), she faced Ducan’s diet and without telling anyone, he decided to give it a try.

This experience and Ducan’s diet recipes which he makes day by day, he uploads them on his own cooking blog Suffocation of my lifeThanks to this, many people came to her carrier in search of protein recipes and in turn encouraged her to continue publishing.

I managed to lose weight!  With my protein recipes

Once these extra pounds are lost and with the intention of giving truth, Carmen Albo decided to publish a book of recipes that he made to follow Ducan’s diet, with the title “I managed to lose weight! With my protein recipes.

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I managed to lose weight! With my protein recipesIs a book that is divided into three chapters, organized according to the phase of the diet in which the person performing it is: Pure protein (PP), Protein and vegetables (PV) and desserts.

I managed to lose weight!  With my protein recipes

There are a total of 90 recipes that make up “I managed to lose weight! With my protein recipes“Some preparations made with ‘normal’ ingredients, which are easily found in any store or supermarket, for the convenience of the reader.

Do not think to find in this book rare recipes with impossible ingredients, they are recipes based on a lot of Spanish cuisine, easy and convenient, why, if you follow Ducan’s diet yes I can say the same as Carmen Albo: “I managed to lose weight! With my protein recipes“.

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I managed to lose weight! With my protein recipes

New and varied recipes that will help you achieve your dietary goals effectively and without starvation. This protein recipe book will be a great help for losing weight fast, easily and without dying of boredom. It contains my 85 best recipes for a diet rich in protein, this diet that has made so many people lose weight with great success around the world. I can assure you that all the recipes collected in this book have been prepared, photographed and, more importantly, tested on my own meats and never better said. I also made sure that these dishes are the way I like things and people: simple and fun! Because life is complicated enough and we live it too fast. Thus, after a personal and quite specific empirical process, I can confirm that the recipes for protein diet in this book are the ones that made me lose weight quickly and in a fun way. That’s why I’m sure they will help you in the same way. Carmen Albo

Written by: CARMEN ALBO

Published by: Grizhalbo

ISBN: 978-8425347924

Available in:E-bookHard cover


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