How to cook crab at home, a recipe for Christmas


How to cook crab at home, a recipe for Christmas

How to cook crab at home, a recipe for Christmas

30 ‘

4 servings


124 calories

How to make crabs

Today we have one of the most consumed Christmas recipes, but we must admit that we have mastered it seafood readinessIt’s not as easy as you think, and it’s not that hard. This is really a very short process that you need to control cooking time, in terms of the size of the crustaceans, in this case the crabs we have. If you watch the video of the recipe, you will see that it lasts less than 2 minutes, and the explanation of the written recipe consists of only 3 steps. Having said that, I think it’s clear that cooking crabs at home is something anyone can do.

Crabs are a real delicacy for those who really love seafood. And those who really love shellfish know very well that female crabs are much richer than male crabs. Of course, you can not always choose, but everyone who will try this delicacy that offers us the sea, must know yes or yes. What Christmas recipe It is perfect except for one detail: the price at which they are set on those dates. But hey, if we’re going to get some all year, it’s better to be at Christmas parties, right? Come on, let’s continue with the recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people

Photo of the ingredients

1 – Put the water to warm up

We start by heating the water. Once it boils, add all the salt and turn it over several times to help it dissolve in the water.

put the water to heat

2 – Cook the crabs

With the dissolved salt, place the crabs inside the pan and cook for 5-6 minutes, depending on their size.

Cook the crabs

3 – Allow the crabs to cool

After this time, take the crabs to the source and wait for them to cool before eating them.

Allow the crabs to cool

4 – We finished cooking crabs

And that’s friends. We have already finished this lesson on how to cook crabs at home. I hope you find it very useful in many cases and I would love to see pictures of your seafood dishes on Instagram. If you tag my 55000 Recipes account, I’ll see the photos.

Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here at Family Kitchen.

We finished cooking the crabs



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